Transforming The Education Landscape By Building a Digitally Literate India

Project LitIndia

Project LitIndia is an innovative initiative by the Humanity Welfare Council that strives to provide equal opportunities to anyone who wants to learn and develop their skills and talents. Our LitIndia centres provide unprecedented access to high-quality education and resources, enabling learners to build the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in life. Read more..
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Our Reach

Project LitIndia aims to help build a literate India and ensure that anyone who
wants to learn has the opportunity to do so, regardless of their
background, location, or socio-economic status.





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Support Us

Sponsor a LitIndia Library

When you sponsor a LitIndia Library you sponsor free education to more than 500 children per year. The yearly cost of a Library is Rs 50,000.

Sponsor a LitIndia DVLC

Through our LitIndia Digital Virtual Learning Centers (DVLC), we aim to build a digitally literate India. We will be setting up DVLCs in 773 districts at Panchayat Level through which we aim to educate more than 2000 children every year. The yearly cost of a DVLC is Rs 1 Lakh.

Sponsor a LitIndia Nodal Centre

Each state will have a Nodal center that will overlook the activities of the DVLCs and Libraries in that state. The setup cost of a Nodal Center is 40 Lakhs.

Our LitIndia Libraries

LitIndia libraries aim to provide a conducive environment for students to learn, grow, and interact with each other. Through our LitIndia libraries, we endeavour to eradicate illiteracy completely from India as well as digitize the education sector. This will not only inspire and empower millions to transform their lives through education and training but also help create a better, brighter future for India.

We inaugurated our first LitIndia library in Rohtasgarh. It is also the first education centre in the village.

 Our second LitIndia library, located in Ulho, came into existence when a small group of students who were preparing for their entrance exams reached…

Our Litindia library in the Kaimur district is located in the small village of Charkhi. The library is a means of education for children from the seven surrounding hills.

What We Do?

The goal of Project LitIndia is to promote literacy in India. Education is the key to unlocking the potential of our youth, and as such, it is our greatest resource. But not everyone has access to quality education. We want to make sure that every individual who is eager to learn has the opportunity to do so, regardless of their background, location, or socio-economic status. In an effort to improve access to knowledge, information, and digital literacy, we are setting up LitIndia centres across India that will serve as hubs of learning and knowledge sharing where people from all walks of life come together to discover, connect, create, and share.

We are building a robust ecosystem in the education sector that promotes growth and uplifts deprived sections of society. Our goal is to provide learners with a safe space for their holistic development where they can acquire knowledge at their own pace.

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Project LITINDIA is a national level, non-profit organisation instituted.

Your Help Brought Happiness Back To Sakshi’s Home. Many Thanks!

Your Help Brought Happiness Back To Sakshi’s Home. Many Thanks!

We are very grateful to you for your generous support and the…

Rules for creating corporate content people actually want to read

Rules for creating corporate content people actually want to read

Content needs a purpose beyond a loud and blaring “me, me, me”.

We opened our LitIndia centre in Machhal sector

We opened our LitIndia centre in Machhal sector

In the face of all adversities and challenges, we opened our LitIndia…


Digital schooling has developed to enclose a superabundance of pedagogies these days. The Educational Technology industry has been on the rise providing digital education platforms, helping materials toward blended learning, and even AI-driven test modules. This advancement has also been partially due to the global coronavirus pandemic, accelerating the rhythm in which digital learning is being embraced globally.

When we talk about the possibility in Bihar, we have only a negative approach in mind. We believe that working here not possible because of a lot of challenges. But some people take that challenge & do something which makes them out of the box, but the thing is they remain undiscovered. Today in that […]

Education technology is a major part of the state-of-the-art learning experience. When incorporated properly, tools such as computers, video conferencing, and even artificial intelligence can supplement children's education, support students with disabilities....

It's never too early to nurture a child's development of literacy and education skills. In today's world, now is the right opportunity to look at literacy beyond the ability to read and write and help us become more active citizens, aware and conscious of our rights and duties to promote education among the youth

In a world where digital is a must, technology in the classroom should no longer be optional. To truly embrace digital innovation, we need to be supported by a culture that fully embraces educational technology, as a good education is a foundation for a better future. Read on...

Our Video

Ulho Rohtas Bihar

Our second LitIndia centre, located in Ulho

Charkhi, Kaimur, Bihar

Our third Litindia centre in the Kaimur district

Chandopatti, Rudauli, Bihar

Our fourth Litindia centre in the Samastipur district, Bihar.

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