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LitIndia Center
State: Bihar   |   District: Rohtas   |   Location:  View
LitIndia centre – 202101
Address – Babhan Tola, Rohtas Garh, 821311
District – Rohtas
State – Bihar
We inaugurated our first LitIndia centre in Rohtasgarh. It is also the first education centre in the village. Rohtasgarh, home of the famous Rohtas fort, is located in the Son River valley, in the small town of Rohtas, Bihar, India. It is a remote village inhabited by the Oraon community. The lack of commutable roads and network connectivity makes the village difficult to access. The area is also afflicted by high levels of Naxalite activity, which is a major concern. As a result, there are no operational schools or institutes in the area. All this has impeded education and rendered the majority of the rural population uneducated. Hence, building an educational institution in Rohtasgarh was the need of the hour.

With the hope of providing the children of this village with an education and a better future, we started building our first LitIndia centre. Braving through their apprehensions of entering a Naxalite belt, our team of dedicated volunteers visited Rohtasgarh to meet the local people of the village. The people of Rohtasgarh are simple and very poor. Their livelihood mainly comes from the land, with small-scale farming and animal husbandry being the primary sources of income. In order to reach the village, one has to do a three-hour uphill trek. This posed a significant challenge for us, as carrying all the materials and resources for the centre on such a difficult trek wasn’t an easy task.

We started by meeting the locals and explaining to them the purpose of our visit. We needed to build their trust that we were there for their best interests and were willing to work to set up an education centre. Since the people there are mostly uneducated, they didn’t know what an education centre was. So, we conducted awareness drives explaining everything about the centre, the value of education, and how it would help them get better jobs and earn more money. This helped us gain their trust, and they offered us a place in the heart of the village to open the centre. Our team renovated the place by strengthening the walls and roof to ensure that it could withstand the heavy rains that came during the monsoon season. On days when the team had to take the materials and resources for the centre with them, it took them 7-8 hours to get there. It took us approximately four months to construct our first centre and make it functional.

At present, 150 students are studying at the centre, with educational resources from nursery to XII.

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We have a treasure of mother tongue based multi-lingual primers and TLMs (storybooks, poems, riddles and more) in 11 languages.

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We have a treasure of mother tongue based multi-lingual primers and TLMs (storybooks, poems, riddles and more) in 11 languages.

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